Redfishin’ Has Been Hot!!

Got to the chance to fish several times this past week and ran some great trips!  Pretty much all of the trips consisted of big redfish up to ten pounds with some of the smallest fish being in the four pound range.  We fished the ebb tide with mud minnows under a cork and that seemed to be the trick.  I like using the Cajun Thunder floats with thirty inches of 20# Seaguar fluorocarbon leader down to a 1/0 Owner mutu light circle hook.  I like to pinch on a smaller split shot right above the hook to weight the bait down and help for a farther cast.  My other go-to bait this time of year would a Gulp pearl white jerk shad rigged on a 4/0 Owner Beast Hook.  I set this up to make my rig weedless so I can throw on the edges of the grass or at low tide and not get hung up!!  The last trip I had we caught close to thirty reds using the Gulp jerk shad and the minnows under a float!  Stop by and I will be happy to rig both for you so you can try em’ out!!

Capt Mike Able

‘Clean Marine’ App Keep Waters Safe

Dylan Murphy, a College of Charleston environmental studies student, created an app that is meant to keep marine waters clean and safe. According to Murphy, the application:

“Tracks GPS coordinates automatically, reports them as part of a tap-by-tap sequence for providing details about the sighting — old crab traps or a half-sunken boat — right down to tide. “

Clean Marine App

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Scott’s Fishing Report — October 20, 2011


Finally a few decent weather days allowed a good number of boats to slip out!! While many decided to drop down and do some bottom bumping, several boats also snuck out and did some trolling for sails. While the reports we got back in on the trolling side were kind of “hero or zero”, the boats that got on the sailfish did really well. Several reports came back in where 5, 6, and even 9 sails were released in a day. Seemed that the Continue reading “Scott’s Fishing Report — October 20, 2011”