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Fishing Classes & Seminars — April 2017

Haddrell’s Point Fly Casting Class by Haddrell’s Point Tackle Crew

  • April 8 at 3:30pm (Mount Pleasant location)
  • Have you ever wanted to learn the art of fly casting? Haddrell’s Point can get you dialed in to casting a fly rod.
  • Local fly fishing captains will be on hand to assist with the basics and give you their tips from years of experience.
  • We typically start with the dynamics of the line and equipment and move into the proper techniques to casting and will finish with tips such as line management .
  • Class usually last an hour and a half.
  • Cost is $30 and must be paid in advance. Class is limited to ten people.
  • Please call the shop to sign up at 843.881.3644


Topwater Tactics and Inshore Fishing by Haddrell’s Point Tackle Crew

  • April 17 at 6:00pm (Mount Pleasant location)
  • Catching fish with topwater plugs is one of the most exciting ways to catch fish in the creeks.
  • Come learn the technique of catching fish on surface plugs as well as some of the basics to fishing live bait in the creeks.
  • This class is meant to cover most aspects of the inshore bite.
  • Class is free of charge but please call to RSVP at 843.881.3644


Inshore Live Bait Techniques Seminar by Scott Hammond and the Haddrell’s Point Crew

  • April 25 at 6:00pm (West Ashley location)
  • With decades of lowcountry fishing experience, Scott and crew will help you Learn how to properly hook different live baits, rig up effectively, and how/when/where to use specific rigs!
  • Free! Please RSVP in advance to or (843) 573-3474

Fishing Classes & Seminars — March 2017

Bluewater Basics by Haddrell’s Point Tackle Crew

  • March 11 from 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm
  • Haddrell’s Point Tackle is going to get you into the game of offshore fishing.
  • We are going to spend a half day with you prepping you for everything from rod and reel setups, tackle, rigging ballyhoo, to even taking you on a boat in the harbor to see what your trolling spread should look like.
  • This is a perfect class for the most extreme beginners. We will have you ready to troll in no time!
  • Cost is $95 and you will be provided breakfast/lunch and walk away with some trolling lures rigged and ready! Each class is limited to 8 fishermen.
  • Call us at (843) 881-3644 to sign up or email with any questions.
  • View the flyer for this event.

Spring Lowcountry Redfish Seminar by Capt Geoff Bennett of Charleston Charter Fishing

  • March 14 at 6:00pm (West Ashley location)
  • Learn from one of our local charter captains the patterns of spring time redfish in our lowcountry waters!
  • From what to throw, to where to look, this seminar will certainly leave you with plenty of local information!
  • Free! Please RSVP in advance to or (843) 573-3474

Fishing Classes & Seminars — November 2016


You and Your Dog Ready for Ducks by Oliver Burnam of Haddrell’s Point Tackle

  • November 7 at 6:00pm (Mount Pleasant location)
  • Join former professional retriever trainer Oliver Burnam for tips and techniques on preparing your retriever for the upcoming duck season. We will go over:
  • Basic obedience in and out of the duck blind.
  • Conditioning your retriever before season.
  • Do’s and Don’ts while using an E-Collar
  • Using retriever dog blinds and stands
  • RSVP to or 843.881.3644
  • View the flyer for this event.

Cold Water Sheepshead Seminar by Haddrell’s Point Crew and Capt. John Fuss of Holy City Fishing Charters

  • November 29 at 6:00pm (West Ashley location)
  • Come learn from Capt Fuss and the Haddrell’s crew how to tangle into some of the best cold weather fishing the lowcountry has to offer!
  • FREE! Please RSVP in advance to or (843)573-3474

Gator Trout Tournament 2016


Presented by: Haddrell’s Point Tackle
October 17th- November 13th

Registration Fee:

This is a four week tournament and the registration fee is $20.00 per week. Ten dollars from each angler will be used as prize money for that week. For example: If there are twenty anglers entering in one week, the winner will receive $200.00 for that week. The other ten dollars will go to the overall winner of the four week tournament. For example: If there are 100 anglers the prize money will be $1000.00

NOTE: When you register you are in the overall tournament, even if you only fish one week!

**You Must Register Prior To the Week You Plan To Fish!
Must register by closing of business Sunday!! All fishing weeks will start Monday and end that Sunday!

Anglers may fish other tournaments while participating in our tournament. Keep in mind that we will remove a fin from your fish once weighed by us. No Pond Fishing!!
The winner and prize money will be announced each Tuesday for the weekly tournament and the Tuesday following the overall tournament.

Anglers must follow all laws in accordance with State and Federal Laws.

The weigh-in must take place during regular business hours. Anglers can weight in during the week as many times as they wish. In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed in will win.

The weigh masters at Haddrell’s reserve the right to not weigh a fish based on the appearance of the fish.

The fish must be caught on rod and reel, cane pole, or hand line. Gigging is not allowed!

*Haddrell’s Point Tackle and Supply and its’ employees’ are not liable for any incidents or accidents during the tournament or thereafter.

Download the Gator Trout Tournament Registration Form.

Fishing Classes & Seminars — January 2017


Shallow Water Fishing Expo by the Haddrell’s Point

  • Saturday, January 21-22 at the Omar Shrine Temple in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
  • We are bringing you even more speakers, prizes, and seminars than last year’s successful event.
  • More details will be shared as we get closer to the event date.
  • Please tell all your friends and mark you calendars so you are sure not to miss out on this one-of-a-kind Expo in the Lowcountry.
  • Advance tickets can be purchased here:
  • Please call or email any further questions to (843) 881-3644 or

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