Like much of the country we continue to experience air and water temps well above average, more conducive to October weather, which has led to a fall inshore bite that basically has never shifted to winter! Here we are in January and still seeing a solid trout bite on artificials. Zman Slim Swimz, Trout Tricks, and live shrimp have been hands down the baits of choice for targeting some specks. Fish 4-6ft of water for those school sized fish, and slide out to 8-10ft for the “gators”. Sheepshead have also been a staple lately, with great reports coming in from the jetties as well as around bridges and inshore rock piles. While fiddler crabs are always a go-to for the sheeps, a live shrimp will also prove deadly as can be on large sheepshead during this time of year. Reds have just started to think about forming into larger schools, and are starting to found in better numbers on the low tide flats, presenting some great fly fishing opportunity.


FINALLY a few nice wind days on the big pond recently have led to reports of wahoo and blackfin tuna hanging out along the ledge in 150-200ft. Even a few dolphin were caught mixed in with the wahoo and blackfins. Bottom fishing yielded some incredible catches of b-liners (vermillion snapper), and some monster sized ones at that in 100-120ft of water. In addition, plenty of triggerfish and porgies have been mixed in for a little bit of table fare. Had some fantastic reports on Grouper last week, with some huge scamps and gags being caught, but grouper season is now closed so our focus shifts elsewhere. Saw quite a few release pictures of some giant red snapper being caught and sent back due to our remaining closure on Red Snapper.

Scott Hammond
Store Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley