After SC’s unprecedented amount of rain and flooding this past weekend, many would be surprised at how great the fishing has been in the few days since! Fantastic numbers of redfish and trout have been inhaling live shrimp or savage gear shrimp fished along shell rakes, creek mouths, rock piles, etc. Instead of making any sort of lengthy run up any of our rivers to fish, choose to fish close by the ocean as many of these fish will be seeking higher salinity levels on the coast after all the freshwater runoff. Sheepshead have also been found biting in decent numbers around the jetties and many other heavy structure areas. Again, you will want to target bridge pilings and other heavy structure near inlets and the ocean, fishing in higher salinity. While most already have claimed that our shrimping season is “over” after 20+ inches of rainfall and runoff, those that have still ventured out have reported back some strong catches in the harbor and bulls bay. I would recommend going much sooner rather than later as they may be moving ‘out’ with all the freshwater still funneling down rivers. Bull reds are absolutely ON FIRE in the harbor entrance and along the front beaches while surf fishing. Red October!!! The catching is good currently, don’t wait!


Obviously with a major hurricane sitting off our coast for almost a week, offshore reports were non-existent. Leading up to the epic weather event, great catches bottom fish in 65-110ft were common. From sea bass, to b-liners, triggers, and more….the fishing was great on top of any good live bottom area.

Scott Hammond
Store Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley