Spring is starting to kick into gear and we the fish are starting to show signs of transition as well. Redfish are beginning to slowly break out of the large winter schools and beginning to spread out amongst the lowcountry estuaries as the water temps continue to climb. Trout have begun to show back up in a little bit of shallower water from 5-8ft, with numerous reports of 20+” fish being caught. Surprisingly enough, we have even seen some pictures of a few flounder being caught in the past week….just another sure sign that spring has finally started to descend on the lowcountry.


Early season trolling reports usually mean two main-stay species being targeted: Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna. While only scattered reports of blackfin have been coming in, the wahoo bite has really begun to take off along the ledge with reports 2-8fish days. Try high speed trolling to cover territory to locate the fish initially for best success. Bottom fishing continues to produce some very large sea bass in 60-100ft of water, and the nearshore reefs are still producing some decent reports on the sheepshead and black drum when you can get a bait past the sea bass.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley