Well we knew those warm temps and calm days could not last forever in January, but with the climb in water temps during that time and with us now cooling back off, it has sparked another flurry of trout action here in the lowcountry. The trout bite had begun to slow down coming into January, but reports the past few days have indicated some quality action on the trout. Creek mouths and shell rakes in 4-8ft of water have been producing not only some decent numbers of trout, but also some nice fish including several in that 20-23″ range we have seen this week. DOA shrimp free-lined, the go-to Trout Trick, and Zman 4″ PaddlerZ have all been consistent bait choices. Sheepshead reports have still been good using fiddlers and live shrimp around heavy structure anywhere from 6-25ft of water, including some fish over the 10# mark. Redfish were reported to be schooling up in large numbers this past week, but many said that they were experiencing “lock-jaw” during those abnormal tides coming off that new moon. Fortunately, the most recent reports indicate that the reds have started to feed again a little more aggresively and have been willing to take live minnows, cut mullet, Zman StreakZ, and Gulp jerkshads. If you have not been by and checked out some of the new colors we now carry in the Gulps, you need to come by and check out some of the Punk Prawn, Satay Chicken, BBQ chicken, Pilchard, etc….some pretty cool and effective colors new to the shelves!


Calm weather finally allowed some of our offshore guys to get out on the pond this past week. Trolling reports consisted of a lot of bonita along the ledge, but there were some wahoo caught just outside the ledge in 250-400ft of water, with the best reports from those that did the high-speed trolling that allowed them to cover a lot more territory. The reef fishing reports still echoed what many have been saying for a while, and that is they cant hardly get past the abundance of black sea bass in order to pursue the other reef species. Those that stuck it out and weeded through the BSB’s did report back there are a fair number of sheepshead and black drum in the 3-6 pound range once you get through the sea bass. Looking for a drag screaming challenge on light tackle? Grab you spinning gear and get out around 60ft of water and find some of the false albacore schooling on top. Small silver spoons and casting jigs are a can’t fail for these, and pound for pound you will be hard pressed to find a more powerful fish to tangle with.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point