Sheepshead continue to provide good reports, much like the past few weeks. Though the jetties are producing a few nice fish here and there, better reports as of late have been from inshore areas such as bridge pilings and docks that have a lot of barnacle and mussel growth on the pilings. Fiddlers are always a go to bait for the sheeps, but live shrimp and oysters have also been producing as well. Reds are still in their tight winter time schools, but most encouraging has been their willingness to feed the past week. Several weeks back many local anglers were complaining about the reds having “lock jaw” up on the shallow flats, but that seems to have turned around in the anglers’ favor as reports of 10-20 fish have been common from those venturing up on the flats. Trout, believe it or not, are still producing some decent reports on into February as well. Key is fishing more “finesse” style baits that you can work slow in the water column. Baits such as Trout Tricks, finesse shads, “stick” baits, Zman Streakz, etc are all good choices this time of year. Fish them slowwwwwwwww! 5-10 ft of water around creek mouths, ledges, and oyster points are good ambush points to tangle with some cold water specks.


About a week and a half ago we had some decent weather that allowed some of the offshore guys to slip out. Wahoo consisted of the better reports, with the best success coming high speed trolling in 150-250ft of water. Other than wahoo, the only “ocean side” reports I have had have come from our nearshore reefs (30-60ft) where some anglers were doing pretty well with sheepshead and black drum using fiddler crabs. Biggest key to being successful with these fish is to stay anchored on a piece of structure long enough to give the over-abundance of black sea bass all “sore mouths” in order to be able to get your bait past the BSB’s and get to the sheepshed and drum.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point