Zman Redfish Massarce

I had the chance to take Joey Prochazka from Z-man Lures fishing on Saturday. (1-20-2012) We fished the ICW north of IOP. We had a killer day on the water. We caught the last few hours of the falling tide and the begining of the incoming tide. Beautiful weather and lots of hungry redfish! The bait of choice for us was the Z-man paddlerz in the 4inch and 5inch. Color preference varied from smokey shad to redbone to houdini. We had these baits rigged on a 3/16 oz Gamakatsu jighead and an 1/8 oz weighted worm hook.┬áThis makes for a very soft presentation.┬áBoth styles of rigging proved to be deadly. We fished the shallow waters right on the edges of the ICW looking for schooling redfish. When we would approach a school, we took turns making long casts in front of the schools. By giving the lure a few small twitches with the rod tip to create some action and reeling up the slack made for a perfect presentation. We fished hard and it sure payed off. Ending the day with 30 redfish ranging from 25inches to 32 inches and about 12 pounds. I can’t wait to get back on that hot bite. Come stop by either location and check out the wide selection of Zman lures on the walls.