Turn a slower day into a more productive one

Figured this may help anybody that has been on the unsuccessful side lately. We fished the Wando River and started fishing about two and a half hours after low tide. First stop produced nothing but we were only using mud minnows and shrimp under a cork(what I thought would be sure-fire).. Second stop produced three nice sized reds with the minnows under a float.. Fished for another hour with nothing.. Finally decided to try a DOA shrimp with a glass rattle and that seemed to do it. We were getting bites litterally right off the bottom. Just bouncing the DOA shrimp off the bottom SLOWLY seemed to be the trick. We were using the 1/4oz in white w/ chart. tail, silver holographic, and the clear w/ firetail. All colors caught fish but definitely needed to be inches off the bottom. Just figured I would share this with others as it turned our slower day into a more productive day.. Good luck to everyone! P.S The NEW G-Loomis Walleye rod is a definite must when working artificial baits. You can feel the bite sooo much more…

Capt Mike Able
Haddrell’s Point