Congratulations to Patrick Johnson for taking the overall largest sheepshead in our 6-week sheepshead tournament that just recently ended. Patrick’s stud tipped the scales at 11.45#’s. Thanks to all that participated! With such great tournament results it kind of goes without saying that the sheepshead bite has been very good. We have weighed many fish over 10 pounds in the past few weeks, all of which have been coming from our inshore waters. Live fiddler crabs,oysters, and clams are all good baits of choice. Target areas with heavy structure in 8-15ft of water. The Redfish bite also remains very strong right now. Large schools of reds have been holding on the low tide mud flats, and have been readily taking live minnows and shrimp, Gulp! baits, and the latest and greatest has definately been ZMAN’s PaddlerZ series. I prefer either smokey shad or redbone as colors of choice in these new paddle baits. Trout have been available but in inconsistent numbers. Try looking around shell rakes and creek mouths in 5-8ft of water for some trout. I like a DOA shrimp under a popping float as a locator bait and once I do locate some fish, I ZMAN ultra shrimp free-lined into the same location is deadly.



Bottom fishing continues to constitute the majority of the offshore fishing reports lately, but a few boats did make it out to do some trolling the past week and reported back that there are still a few nice wahoo hanging in 150-250ft, especially if you can find a nice “edge” with a temperature break on it. Sailfish seem to have tapered down, but we did hear of a couple more being caught last week in 600ft. On the bottom side, while most species remain under a closure, solid reports of grouper have been coming from 90-160ft…with some nice triggerfish mixed in when you drop down some smaller baits.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point