Haddrell’s Point Sheepshead Tournament

Haddrell’s Point Tackle & Supply Sheepshead Tournament

Tournament Date: October 31, 2011 – December 11, 2011

Registration Fee:
Registration fee is $20.00 per week. Ten dollars from each angler will be used as prize money for that week. For example: If there are twenty anglers entering in one week, the winner will receive $200.00 for that week. The other ten dollars will go to the overall winner of the six week tournament. For example: If there are 100 anglers the prize money will be $1000.00

NOTE: When you register you are in the overall tournament even if you only fish one week!


Must register by closing of business Sunday!! All fishing weeks will start Monday and end that Sunday!

RULES: Anglers may fish other tournaments while participating in our tournament. Keep in mind that we will remove a fin from your fish once it is weighed by us.

The winner and prize money will be announced each Tuesday for the weekly tournament and the Tuesday following the overall tournament.

Anglers must follow all laws in accordance with State and Federal laws.

The weigh-in MUST take place during regular business hours. Anglers can weigh in during the week as many times as they wish. In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed in will win.

The weigh masters at Haddrell’s reserve the right to not weigh a fish based on the appearance of the fish.

The fish must be caught on rod and reel, cane pole, or hand line. GIGGING IS NOT ALLOWED!

I,________________, understand these rules and will abide by the rules above.

*Haddrell’s Point Tackle and Supply and its’ employees are not liable for any incidents or accidents occurred during the tournament or thereafter.