Scott’s Fishing Report — April 21, 2015




Got gator bit yet? No, not the reptile….Gator trout! Spring is in full gear and that means large trout in our inshore waters. Trout in the 18-22″ range have been common and catch numbers averaging 10-20fish a trip have been the norm. Always keep in mind these large trout are our spawning fish, so always a good idea to let the big females go this time of year! Live shrimp fished under a popping float or a VuDu shrimp have been deadly fished around shell rakes in 3-6ft of water. Sheepshead are still biting live fiddlers well around bridges and rock piles, and the Reds have broken out of their large cold water schools and have become much more structure oriented…meaning they a very acceptable to a cut bait or live bait pitched up under a dock!


There is no question the season is fully upon us now! Great numbers of blackfin catches have been coming in from Georgetown Hole and the southwest banks, while solid reports of wahoo have been hanging around the ledge down south around the Edisto banks and Deli areas. Dolphin reports as strong as 38 fish have already been reported, with the majority of the dolphin coming off of temperature breaks in 400-1200ft of water.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley

Scott’s Fishing Report — March 24, 2015




Similar to the past couple weeks, inshore water temps are hovering right around 60degrees…Meaning everything is teetering right on the edge of a great inshore bite. Shepshead are stirring around docks and rock piles in 8-15ft of water using live fiddler crabs and live shrimp. Reds have begun to disperse out of their large winter schools into smaller packs, and can be found hanging out under docks and creek mouths as well as still on the shallow water low tide flats. Live minnows, and Gulp baits rigged on an all new JNT jigheads are hard to beat for the reds. The past week has even seen our first decent trout reports of the season, including some pushing 5lbs…and this should only get better from now through May!


The season is here! Strong reports of wahoo, blackfin, and even some dolphin have all been coming to the dock in the past week. While the dolphin were all found way out the deep some 75+ miles offshore, the blackfin tuna and wahoo were found along the ledge in 150-250ft of water in areas such as the southwest banks, deli, and Edisto banks. The most recent catches sounded like the following….11 wahoo on a boat, another boat with 14 dolphin, and another boat that a few wahoo and 14 blackfin. Time to go! Bottom fishing in 60-90ft is still producing some quality black sea bass, as well as plenty of b-liners and the usual smorgasborg of porgies and such.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley

Fishing Classes & Seminars — April 2015


Haddrell’s Point Fly Casting Class by the Haddrell’s Point Crew

  • April 12, at 3:00pm (Mount Pleasant location)
  • Haddrell’s Point is putting on a fly casting class with local captains to either help get you started or help perfect what you are doing now.
  • Capt Mike Able and fellow fly fishing captains will be on hand to start with the basics and get you casting.
  • We will start with basics, get into casting, and end with some tips on how to actually fish the fly and helpful tips such as line management.
  • Class usually last about an hour and a half. Cost is $30 and must be paid in advance.
  • Class is limited to ten people. Please call the shop to sign up at 843.881.3644

Ballyhoo Rigging Seminar by Capt Joseph Allbritton off the boat ‘Billistic’

Spring Trout Seminar by Captains Ralph Phillips and Mike Able

  • April 27, at 6:30pm (Barrier Island Marine location)
  • Captains Ralph Phillips and Mike Able will be joined with Z-Man’s Daniel Nussbaum for a great evening of talking trout!
  • Join us for different aspects on how, when, and what to use for spring time trout!
  • With several years of combined experience these guys will get you dialed in for the spring time bite.
  • Seminar is free of charge but please RSVP to or 843.881.3644.
  • The seminar will be held at the Barrier Island Marine (Charleston store): Barrier Island Marine, 2476 Savannah Hwy., Charleston, SC 29414 843.559.3660

WindAlert and Marine Forecast Seminar by Tim Kent of Weatherflow Inc.

  • April 28, at 6pm (West Ashley location)
  • Essential to offshore fishing, weather forecasts and how to interpret them is of utmost importance.
  • Don’t miss this great opportunity to understand how to properly read a forecast, why the forecast is predicted to be what it is, what to expect from a forecast, and so much more.
  • One of the most informative topics we have ever covered, this seminar can benefit everyone!
  • Free of charge. Please RSVP to or or (843)573-3474